Monday, November 25, 2013

Tuesday Teaching and Friday FAQs

There are all kinds of blogs for all kinds of people, but I have always gravitated towards the ones that I can count on for a certain kind of experience at a certain time.

Like the ones where the writer gives me the best videos from around the Internet every Tuesday or an update on the latest Scandinavian mysteries on Wednesday (I - seriously - have a Scandinavian mystery post coming later this week) or stock tips twice a week. I can overlook the origami still shots or the tips on horse-racing if I know what I am going to get at other times.

So, with that in mind, I am going to introduce two weekly features on this here blog:

-Tuesday Teaching


-Friday FAQs

Here's the plan. I have a great love both of teaching and the Bible. I particularly love teaching the Bible.

So every Tuesday, I am going to post a meditation - as short as I can - on a passage from the Bible. Please note that this post will be intended both for those who believe the Bible and those who don't. It won't be "Todd's Pious Thoughts",  for two reasons - I don't have many pious thoughts and, if I did, you would not find them interesting.

There's a lot more than piety in the Bible, including a fair measure of violence, sex, drama, intrigue, and rock and roll.

OK, not so much rock and roll.

In any event, I plan on looking at some intriguing and off-the-beaten path stuff in the Bible and trying to bring it to life.

For instance, my post tomorrow will be about spit.

Yep, spit.

Friday FAQs will be interesting, at least to me.

I've been given the opportunity to have a varied career path - professional ministry, writing, public speaking, small business ownership, executive coaching for Fortune 100 leaders, and consulting in both the public and private sectors. I've had the chance to meet a lot of interesting people and explore some interesting topics along the way and hopefully that sort of voyage is just beginning.

So, I am going to address some of the most interesting questions I have asked, received, or run into along the way - one per Friday.

Hope you'll hang around and have some fun with me...starting tomorrow, with the first installment of Tuesday Teaching.

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  1. I have really been enjoying your writing,but I am super excited about Tuesday teaching.I have missed listening to your teaching so much. Now if only your blog had audio..haha..but I'll settle for reading your words for now.