Thursday, February 13, 2014

Try Something New - Right Now

All of us have things we have to do all the time.

If you're a parent, you have to take care of kids. If you're a teacher, you have to prepare lesson plans and show up to teach. If you are a salesperson, you have to sell stuff.

You get the point.

No matter what we do, we do a lot of it over and over again. And, before we know it, we keep doing things the same way because that's what we know.

But what if we took some time in the middle of the planning and executing and dreamed up our jobs all over again? What if we did something we have always done in a way we have never thought of doing it?

Marketers still have to market. But how about selling your waterproof Mp3 player in a water bottle?

That's what Sony is doing in New Zealand. It's been out for a while - their waterproof player and headphones. But now, they're selling it across Asia from vending machines - IN a waterbottle!

School officials still have to make decisions and communicate about cancelling school for snow days.

But how about framing your same old-same old announcement as a parody rap video?

That's what these guys did in North Carolina.

Both ideas have gone viral. Both were just normal people doing what they always do, only doing it different.

What are you doing that you always do that you can do differently - because YOU are intentionally different today?

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