Saturday, December 21, 2013

Of Ducks and Men

Here is my one-time, very short take on the Duck Dynasty kerfuffle.

The whole thing worked exactly the way it is supposed to in a pluralistic, democratic republic:

1. Heavily bearded businessman expresses his opinions and convictions and returns home unmolested by governing authorities.

2. Corporation responds in line with its convictions and/or business calculations. Corporate executives return home unmolested by governing authorities.

3. Heavily bearded family of the heavily bearded businessman responds in line with its convictions and may well leave corporation, which may cost said corporation its leading revenue generator.

At no point does the government get involved or interfere with anyone. In so doing it upholds the Fourteenth Amendment Establishment Clause (protecting the citizens from a state-mandated or state-preferred religion) and the Free Exercise Clause (insuring that citizens can express their religious convictions and not be subject to prosecution or reprisal from the government).

It all worked perfectly. It's an amazing country and an amazing experiment in democracy, this United States of America.

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  1. yesssss, a democratic society protects free speech but a graceless free society is so asymmetrical, one thrust of judgmentalism seems to be able to define someone who is complex and offers a host of positive influences on people